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XTRABYTES (XBY) is a modular blockchain platform designed to provide significant increases in security, scalability and decentralization opportunities over current blockchain technologies. Utilizing a newly created algorithm, (Zolt) and consensus method, Proof of Signature (PoSign), XTRABYTES offers a platform on which decentralized application (DApp) developers and services can create and shape the future of blockchain technology. XTRABYTES is not an ICO, it's a community driven project.

For more in depth information, read the Bitcointalk announcement, check out the Whitepaper and join the XBY Community Forum.

Proof Of Signature Technology

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Overview of the Technology

XTRABYTES introduces a revolutionary new consensus algorithm (Zolt), based on the concept of Proof-of-Signature. Zolt ensures a block signature rate of 100% system-wide, which confers an unparalleled level of security. Additional benefits include substantially decreased energy consumption as Zolt does not require a network of miners.


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STATIC (Services Transactions and Trusted-in-Control) nodes form the backbone of the XTRABYTES network and play a crucial role in the consensus, security, and governance of the platform. STATIC node owners receive transaction fees and service fees for the DApp modules they opt-in to host. Security and PoSign consensus are insured using state-of-the-art encryption hash technology, requiring that every block is signed by the nodes.

Build More Secure Decentralized Applications

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Overview of the Technology

Faster, Flexible, Scalable, More Secure and Easy to Code

The XTRABYTES platform will be optimized for DApps to be built right into the blockchain. Our developers are working to create both immediately as a proof-of-concept and to help serve as the backbone for future developers to build upon. These will be the first of many more to come.

X-VAULT - Decentralized Secure Data Storage

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Utilizing shared storage technology, the XTRABYTES storage module will allow users to store data securely on the STATIC node network. The data is encrypted and divided into shards across the network of STATIC nodes, just as the blockchain ledger is shared between all wallets. The storage network is the foundation layer for the entire platform of Decentralized Applications.

X-CHANGE - Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange

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X-CHANGE will be the XTRABYTES decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Built directly into the wallet, X-CHANGE will allow users to have a trusted, decentralized, and totally secure p2p exchange at their fingertips. To provide proof-of-concept the first tradable pairing within X-CHANGE will be XBY/XFUEL. XFUEL is a complete PoSign coin created for the purposes of providing proof of concept and furthering development.


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Modules. Modules are extensions built onto the XBY core. They provide the use case for XTRABYTES in the form of DApps, whether they be decentralized storage, smart contracts, instant messaging and all conceivable applications in between. The XTRABYTES core and DICOM API will provide programmers with an easy-to-grasp platform for development.

DICOM, or Distributed Command Message language core application programming interface, is the API through which modules interact with the XTRABYTES core. The DICOM interface connects external modules to the core and provides a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features and data of the XTRABYTES core and infrastructure. With the XTRABYTES DICOM, a module can be coded using many different popular programming languages like Visual Basic, Java, C++ and many more. This makes the XTRABYTES modules code-agnostic and opens up the creation of DApps to third-party developers.


More Secure

Security is one of the founding philosophies of the XTRABYTES platform. Our developers have worked diligently to code an environment easily adaptable to fit the ever-evolving security needs of the future. STATIC nodes, the foundational layer of XTRABYTES, rely on multiple layers of encrypted and signed sources to guarantee the integrity of the network. Currently, the SHA-512 security protocol is implemented on the XTRABYTES network and is considered the standard for quantum resistance, but as technology changes, even this may become outdated. Therefore, XTRABYTES is specifically designed to allow easy changes to its security protocols to ensure its technology is always up-to-date.

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More Scalable

The XTRABYTES platform lends itself perfectly to a scalable world. With high transaction speeds, future-proof security protocols and a code-agnostic DApps platform; XTRABYTES will be able to meet the expanding needs of the broad consumer market. This will put the XTRABYTES platform in an optimal position for mass-market adoption.

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More Flexible

Designed with the future in mind, the XTRABYTES platform is code agnostic and compatible across consumer platforms. As the mobile market is ever increasing the XTRABYTES developers recognize the need and utility for complete integration of DApps within the Android and iOS ecosystem. The XTRABYTES DApps will cover all areas from utilities, productivity, entertainment and more, with only your imagination as the limit. Further future development with the idea of enterprise in mind, the XTRABYTES ecosystem will include seeking corporate collaborations partnerships to meet the demands of an ever expanding market place.




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The XTRABYTES circulation is a dynamically shifting supply. Every time a STATIC node gets Registered, the overall Circulating Supply decreases, raising the value of those coins still within circulation.

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